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Need a web-site?


How it happens:

  • From thoughts to action


    Every company or an aspiring entrepreneur must have a website. Any product or service can be effectively promoted through the Internet web-site.

    Website creation will lead to your business many new customers and significantly improve profitability. It will allow to register its business throughout the world and that not a few important would enhance the credibility of Your company. If you have come to the same conclusions so, contacting us You're half way to success.


  • Brief - beginning of creation


    Studio "Dvigok" every project creates individually. And began work with the filled by client the brief (a kind of questioning) in order to realize the goals and objectives which should solve a website and offer you the best solution for this.

    After that, we agree on the meeting with you, providing a convenient for you place and time.

  • Prosecution of web-site - Web-site is ready


    On meeting, we discuss filled brief, pick up, if requiredhosting for the website and domain name.

    Similarly we discuss all nuances and possibilities of future web-site, design, functional part of web-site. Whereupon client gives pre-pay for a web-site in size of 50% of all sum. And studio proceeds to work, according to terms and before specified conception of web-site.

    Since a web-site is ready, tested, and tested in the Internet on our hosting, we demonstrate it to you. We do similarly "base seo- advancement"FREE OF CHARGE.

    You get all administrative data on a management by a web-site (if was inculcated cms) and all rights on a web-site (on DVD). Than final calculation is whereupon produced for the done work.

  • Collaboration - Web site promotion


    That a web-site was "visible" to the searching systems (for example: Google, Yandex and Meta), then it needed to conduct corresponding work in future, such as: to add materials (unique articles, useful information and other). We will be able to help you herein, and to undertake service Your web-site. It will release you from waste of time and additional funds for the searches of specialist - administrator.

    Similarly Your web-site needs to be "moved" forward in the Internet, it means to destroy in top ten of the searching systems on certain - to the key queries. Our company "Dvigok" offers full range of site promotion (SEO) and online advertising.

    As you can see, we do web-sites turn-key. And are always happy to help you in the development and continued support of your web-resource.

Proof of studio quality work can serve reviews of our clients.

Scheme of cooperation

  • Creation of sites in KyivWeb-site development

    Our specialty - creation and development of web-sites.

    Such activity it carried by a lot of web- studios. We understand that to do a choice for you, its an intricate problem and we will try to notarize you in the rightness of appeal exactly in our studio.

    Studio "Dvigok" renders complete complex of services: development, support and promotion of the web-site, with the possibility of placing a web-site on reliable hosting. We equally with a client are interested in functionality and efficiency of the done work, not forgetting certainly about design. Web-site development is necessarily based on the principles of searching systems.

    Ordering us to develop the web-site, you can be assured of high quality work. We make web-sites any direction and level of complexity: business card web-sites, internet shops, corporate web-site (company web-site).

    We always try to stick to the concept and all client wishes through the entire process website creating.

    Web-site developed by our studio its always an exclusive design. We believe that the site as a person must be unique.

    Studio pricing policy very flexible.We hope that it will help you make the choice to work with our studio and never regret about choice rightness.

    Aim of our work - not simply web-sites development. We focus on web-sites creating that will help you grow your business in the Internet.

  • Untwisting of web-siteWeb-site advancement, seo

    Create a web-site, even with a unique design is just the first step to success.

    Most importantly - is web-site promotion and optimization, when web-site can be seen freeby searching systems (Google, Yandex, and others.).

    Untwisting of web-site are permanent (monthly) work and a range of services to achieve a certain position in searching systems for a particular search.

    With every web-site created in our studio, we offered free primary that is basic seo advancement, but we recommend not dwell on this.

    Web site untwisting includes its optimization and advancement. This integrated solution will increase the flow of visitors to your site, people who are looking for precisely your goods or services and thanks to the advance, the probability that they will get exactly to your site increases significantly.

    Advancement of sites and their further support is not small integral to its effectiveness and position in Internet Web.

    Site untwisting in searching systems, makes possible a better position at the TOP.

    Promote your web-site to the leading positions, officers of our Design-Studio use SEO-promotion of sites by keywords and key demands, specially selected for Your web-site.

    We are very responsible and guarantee correct selection of key inquiries and words, use unique and optimized site under key requests of the content (text) will contribute to excellent results promoting your project.

    Even modest and little site can be a powerful engine for your business.

  • Web-sites supportweb-site seo

    Site maintenance and its support - comprehensive approach that we advise our clients.

    Ordering a website creation and promotion in Design-Studio "Dvigok", it is reasonable to entrust to us and continued site maintenance.

    Carrying out works on supporting and maintaining websites we give next services:

    Informative support - creation of web-site additional pages, searching optimization of text, addition of photographs and other content on the site in a specified volume, manage forums, module FAQ.

    Design support, includes a change of site design (separate pages), designing new pages, photo processing, creating graphics, logo design, development of brandname style, photographer service.

    Technical support - tracking down correct operation of all Internet resource technical parameters, add features to the site, hosting and domain management, backup copying, e-mail client service, site copy, changes to the CMS website.

    Marketing support writing unique articles, texts, audit promoting your web-resource and work with Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Meta.


Price for web-site

Design Studio "Dvigok" builds its pricing policy within the parameters of the future site, among which - creation of design, technical descriptions of web-site, service etc. The final price for site creation is individual, depending on the future requirements of the project are prepared if you order website development.

Creation price, web-site untwisting prices of web-site maintenance is presented in section "Prices "


Brandname style

Our web-studio occupies creation of brandname style for Your company.

Brandname style - unity of Visual and informative means by which companies stress their individuality, contributes to a favorable image, growth of reputation and increase the number of customers.


How studio creates successful Internet project

The first where we start is a unique idea. It is important for us to have a clear idea about your business development strategy and objectives for which creates site.

Since was conducted initial analysis Your company, we will proceed to realization of the site. This phase of works is executed in close cooperation with you. As a result, you get logical site with exclusive design .

After site creation, we are developing a plan to promote your website online and provide a strategy for the upcoming marketing work, completely according to your purposes. After realization of marketing campaign, you will receive detailed statistics and reports about performed work.

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